Antiaging research is currently a bit of a war zone with battles raging over the ever highly competitive funding pool, but more prominently, over the perception of legitimacy. Much of the debate surrounds both the definition and measurement of aging and antiaging. As an example, two prominent players in this field, Ronald Klatz says "anti-aging," however, his definition seems somewhat at variance with that of Jay Olshansky.

Neither of these issues are new in the world of medicine. Many hospitals rely on funding from drug companies and researchers are competing in a fierce corporate environment for these same funds.
As with any new medical advances, there are those that staunchly stick to the old school, publicly decrying any new advances until they have been tested through several lifetimes, those who stretch out and recognise that if we don’t try new methods and treatments, we wont know anything more than we do now, and of course, those who are content to sit on the sidelines watching the extreme players battle it out.

Further to these internal research community battles, their discontent extends beyond their own circle to the general marketplace, claiming noise and nonsense from snake-oil vendors is damaging the future of serious, scientific anti-aging research. Their claim is underpinned by the concern that if everyone “knows” that anti-aging means high-priced creams and botox injections, then an incorrect perception that the solution has been found, will adversely impact funding availability for ongoing scientific research into any arena of "anti-aging."

Of particular interest are the following projects:

Download paper re the approval of Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Harvard Law School. [pdf]

Science Meets Beautry: Using Medicine to Improve Appearance

The role of a marketer has always been to generate a perception of legitimacy regardless of whether or not their products perform as advertised. Indeed, huge budgets are expended to create and maintain this perception of legitimacy. Opportunists, frauds and "marketeers" of less than genuine products not only damage the marketplace, but damage the future of product development.

Much of the legitimacy of a product lies with the expectation of the purchaser. Here lies the real value in understanding antiaging medicine, products and treatments. As a consumer community, we are more informed today than ever before. The Internet alone is recognised as a major tool in pre-purchase decision making. The battles waging within the scientific community serve to inform us of differing perspectives, but they also add greatly to our confusion in deciding what is the real truth regarding a product.

This site seeks to unravel much of that mystery, but acceptably, it is the site editors view point that is published. The links below provide access to various opinions of the antiaging research community, for you to come to your own decisions.

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