High Intensity Interval Exercise Fat Loss Progam


High Intensity Interval Exercise [HIIT]

High Intensity Interval exercise is THE best exercise you can do for losing fat. It is a more advanced weight loss progam and should only be undertaken under supervision of qualified physical practitioners.

The reason for this is that it works by increasing muscle strength and tissue, thereby demanding more energy for day to day functioning, and more energy demand, means more calories consumed - right from those fat pockets. That is, assuming you are not consuming excessive calories.

HII exercise also gives you heart muscle the same benefits - hence it is often referred to as Cardio Training. Cardio exercises range significantly and do not all employ the muscular demands and interval aspects of HIIE.

No matter how good you get at HIIT, don’t overdo it and don’t exceed 20 minutes including the warm up and cool down.

Types of HIIT exercise, in order of effectiveness:

  • Interval Sprinting is best. Use a treadmill; or sprint outside, using hills for maximum effort.
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Stationary cycling/hill climbing on a road bike
  • The Rowing Machine
  • The Elliptical Machine/Crosstrainer Machine
  • Fast/Incline Walking



Don’t focus on Spot Training - A body system that is in balance moves better, stands straighter (this means looking better in your clothes), can be trusted to perform physical activities longer and better and is less likely to sustain injury.

Time of Day – Many believe doing cardio workouts in the morning, in a fasting state, results in better fat burning. Others believe that your nutritional state at this time of day is not adequate [eg enough protein resources], and you risk burning muscle instead. Time of day depends largely depends on your current body composition and nutrition.

In addition to fat/muscle burning consequences, your oxygen resources after sleeping for 8 hours may be inadequate, resulting in the production more free radicals, which in turn reduces energy and damages cells.

The only way to work out which is best for you is to try one way – measure the results, then try the other. Stop reading articles on what other people achieved for their body – it most likely doesn’t apply to you, and can only lead to confusion.


Workout Routine

Workouts – 1-3 per week

Duration - 20 minutes MAX.

Warm Up – 5 minutes below 85% of your maximum heart rate

Intensity bursts - up to 85% of your maximum heart rate.

Max burst - last 1-2 minutes can be even 90% of your maximum heart rate [NOTE: heart rate over 85% boosts your free-radical production, so don’t overdo it].



  1. The warm up should consist of the same exercise you are using for your cardiovascular routine. For example, if you are running, walk first before proceeding to a jog.
  2. After your warm up, gradually increase cardiovascular activity to training speed.
  3. For optimal body fat reduction, do your cardiovascular routine immediately after your weight training.
  4. End with a 5-7 minute cool down. For example, after running, move to a jog then proceed to a walk.
  5. Use different interval durations in different workouts each week and change your type of interval workout every 14 days.

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