Lessons from The Celestine Prophecy


The Celestine Prophecy and Experiential Guide by James Redfield and carol Adriene

The Celestine Prophecy presents its principles in Nine Insights

Insight 1 – That Coincidences Shape Our Lives

Just as in the Alchemist, coincidences, or omens are placed on our road to our destiny to act as signs. We must learn to pause long enough to decipher the message in such occurrences. The first insight is the time of awakening. This awakening is accompanied by feelings of restlessness; a sign that something is missing from our lives, even when our goals have been met. A common feeling of “mid-life crisis”. Fortunately, at this age we have the confidence to follow the signs of coincidences, without expecting to immediately see causal effect.

Insight 2 – The Longer Now: Expanding the Historical

Challenges secular evolution and opens us up to the real purpose of human life. By taking us back throughout the lessons learnt in our life events, we can add meaning to our current state of restlessness. It helps us identify our beliefs, values and expectations. From that point it teaches us how perception is a learned state; if we change our perceptions you change your experiences.

Insight 3 – A Matter of Energy

Our tendency to view the world in terms of material objects. In reality, all are forms of dynamic energy. Through this energy, all things are connected. Learn how to tap into this energy and use it to help you on your journey. By visualising states of mind as different frequency bands we can harmonise more closely with the universe. Through this harmony we achieve a state of acute awareness, tapping your full self power. Using the energy boosting and stress relieving techniques in this program, we can maintain a constant energy level.

Insight 4 – The Struggle for Power

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This insight teaches us how we tend to try to steal energy from others; and how this leads to conflict. Our instinctive needs reflected in Maslows hierarchy propel us to satisfy ourselves using whatever force is deemed appropriate. Interactions between humans are masked in egos, power plays, bureaucratic hierarchies, and intimidations. These tactics drain energy from all parties.

Insight 5 – The Message of Mystics

When we stop focussing on power, and focus more on love and harmony, only then are we truly connected to the full supply of human energy. Ego based power plays will devolve from the human race, raising the level of vibration, enabling us to connect with each other at higher frequencies. Surrendering these controlling personality traits will release us to higher levels of ecstasy and harmony. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, martial arts and other healing disciplines are leading the way to expanding our perception of the world.

Insight 6 – Clearing the Past: Our Parental Lineage and Control Dramas

Our purpose in life is evolutionary based upon the accomplishments of our parents. If we surrender to the universal forces moving us forward, from where our parents left off, we engage the full power of synchronicity. Fighting against this using control dramas to manipulate others, we can end up hurting ourselves by losing connection with our own mission. Control dramas are fear based. By relinquishing this fear, and instead stay centred in the security of your own energy sphere, you will engage the support of others to propel you forward.

Insight 7 – Engaging the Flow

Being comfortable in ones own energy, means being confident in your intuition. Your intuition is guided by universal happenings and outcomes of past events. Become more aware of your thoughts, daydreams, and feelings. These are guidance systems to maintain you on the path of your life mission. Take action only if the feelings are open and positive. By keeping focussed on this mission we synchronise ourselves with the wisdom of other humans who can help us. We also learn to distinguish between impulsive desires and intuitive knowledge. Using the “Universal Law of Three”….If a thought comes back to me three times, I do it. Intuitions re insistent and persistent.”

Insight 8 – The Interpersonal Ethic: A New Perspective on Relationships

By supporting others in their quest and upholding their energy, we help ourselves by surrounding ourselves with powerful positive energy flows. Through this we accelerate our learning and our progress. If you get into the habit of appreciating the uniqueness of each person you meet, you tap into the special lessons and gifts they hold for you. In forming close bonds with others, we must take care not to lose ourselves in the energy of others, or allow them to steal our energy away.

Insight 9 – The Emerging Culture

At present the world has overpowered itself in control dramas as secular battles seek to take power from each other. Only by refusing to engage in these battles, and instead focussing on raising the energy of others around us, will we prosper as a race. The ninth insight propels us into the emerging culture of the higher energy being. An insight into how we have barely started tapping into the full power of our brain and the quantum energy of the universe. How evolution may move humans from physical form to higher energy states, spiritual forms.

In summary, this book at the exercises in the Experiential Guide will give you more insight into yourself than almost any other method I can think of. When you are doing the exercises, you will at times not believe what the book is suggesting. But continue through and the revelations will likely shock you about your own life path. A life changing exercise.


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