Lessons From Conversations With God


Conversations with God; An Uncommon Dialogue.

By Neale Donald Walsh.

This unusual and insightful dialogue is not religious based, as the title may suggest. It starts when a man, who regularly writes his thoughts in letters, enters an unhappy phase of his life. One day he finds the men takes on a life of its own and starts answering his ramblings, questions as to why his life was so miserable, why his relationships failed etc. This dialogue continues for a period of several years, with God being challenged on every front.

The man confronts God as to why he has abandoned him to endure his current wretched life, why there are wars and famines, and why good things happen to bad people. You name it, God is taken to task.

The key lessons that God delivered during these ‘chats” were:

If you want to progress through life, learn the lessons each experience delivers

God is there to assist in connecting to the universal energy. He does so by delivering guiding messages, in the realm of experiences. Words may help understanding, but experiences allow one to know.

God advocates that most people do not recognise or listen to the messages that experiences deliver. So, he has to keep sending the same experiences over and over. The lesson being, if you keep making the same mistakes or react in the same way, you will keep experiencing the same events in life.

Open your heart - Don’t hide behind fear and control plays

God also delivers the right feelings, suited to the purpose of the moment. If you do not connect with these ‘intuitions’ you will not achieve the desired outcome.

Only those experiences you ASK for are delivered

You don’t get what you don’t ask for. That’s simple enough. At times however, the experience may be shrouded in a way we do not expect. We need to be aware of the events of our lives and of interactions with others. Every human thought and action is based on either love or fear. Learn to follow love as your guide. But recognise, that at the moment you reach your greatest love, you will also experience your greatest fear. Fear closes down energy, love expands your energy. It’s the perfect example of yin yan.

You cannot change the outer event – you must change the inner experience.

Not all of our experiences are within our control. Our greatest triumphs are those which overcome our greatest adversities. You can choose if and how much pain you attach to an experience.

Out of your own experiences, create yourself.

You are your own rule maker, your own judge as to how well you are doing or have done. Manage the outcome of life events under rules you create based on your own beliefs and values. Don’t let others make this judgement on you. You can however, allow others to experience the event with you. Allow them to experience it using their own rule book. Right and wrong are purely subjective. Each of us must walk our own path; become ourselves based on our own experiences, not the experiences and rules of others.

The Laws of the Universe make it possible for you to create exactly what you choose.

So choose wisely, what you dwell upon grows. The Holy Trinity is the combination of the body[physical]; the mind [non-physical] and the spirit [metaphysical]. In psychology terms this relates to the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious. These ‘threesomes’ are apparent everywhere:

  • Space - Here, there and the space in between
  • Science - Energy, matter, antimatter
  • You – Thoughts, Words, Action
  • Time – Past, Present, Future

Life becomes energised when you have these three elements connected. Right now you are most likely not living the highest vision of yourself. But by engaging your mind to understand where you are now, create a vision of where you want to be, and by engaging your thoughts, words and actions focused on your vision, you create a subconscious power force that will keep propelling you in the right direction.

Let Your Soul Be

Learning how to accept who you are right now without judgement, is accepting your soul. The soul seeks the highest, grandest life for you. Accepting it allows it to work with you, giving you acceptance, strength and courage to maintain your path through life experiences.

Life is a Creation

All creations begin with thoughts. Do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, instead, create your reality every minute. Celebrate and enjoy all that you have created which is good, and seek the lessons from that which is not so good. Your life takes off when your thinking becomes clear and focused on your life mission. Become aware of what you are thinking about.

The Relief of Enlightenment

“Enlightenment is understanding that there is no-where to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you are right now. No wonder “enlightened” people look so content. Our world of media is constantly seducing us to be like this, do that, be here, have this. Let it all go. Enjoy the show, but live your own life, every day. Create your own reality with every breath, every word, every action. Nike says “Just Do It”. I say “Just Be”.

Love Yourself

Having the courage to just be, means knowing and totally accepting who you are right now. We are a reflection of our life experiences. Never deny yourself the gifts life bestows upon you. Recognise your strengths and express gratitude for them. Do not be pushed into the catacombs of total humility. Those who attempt to deny you the pleasure of yourself do so out of fear and feelings of inadequacy. Triumph your talents in good grace. Be humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat. But do not deny yourself the love you deserve.

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