Skin Care Creams

The latest generation of skin rejuvenation and skin care creams have progressed significantly, with many now being highly rated by dermatologists and users alike.

Prior to this, the only real anti-wrinkle option was a combination of Botox injections and dermal fillers. Acceptance of these treatments has been constrained due to the high costs and the controversy surrounding the botox Botulinum Toxin. Wrinkle free skin is now available to all, at a reasonable cost, and administered by the user at home.

Daily, non-toxic, injection-free substitutes for Botox are providing similar effects. These simple creams and concentrate serums eliminate of facial lines and wrinkles caused by excessive pressure of the facial muscles. "Crow's feet", forehead lines, smile lines, and other areas on the face can appear much smoother after a twice-daily application.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by many factors as we age.

  • The epidermis, the outer layer, thins with age causing dryness
  • The dermal layer, the second layer decreases in collagen and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out causing the skin to wrinkle and sag
  • In the subcutaneous layer the fat cells get smaller with age, leading to more noticeable wrinkles and sagging as the fat cells can no longer replace the damage from the other layers. The end result - increased wrinkles!

Key Antiaging Cream Ingredients

Many years of research has gone into searching out the ideal antiaging formula. Scientists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have discovered that a range of natural ingredients and vitamin extracts significantly help slow down and even reverse the signs of aging skin.

The ingredients, all benefiting skin themselves also interact with other ingredients to boost their effectiveness and to act as transport systems to reach the deeper layers of the skin. Some are particularly effective in their antioxidant capabilities, such that they repair the skin damage and make it more receptive to the collagen and elastin producing properties of other ingredients.

Most quality anti-aging skin care products include the following group of ingredients:


Expected Anti-Wrinkle Cream Results

Results of using the latest advances in skin creams vary from person to person. No product produces ‘overnight’ effects, but visible differences in skin condition should be evident in 4-8 weeks.

For best results consult with a skin care professional for a thorough skin analysis. Skin condition and problems vary significantly between persons, so to avoid wasting precious time and money, ensure you are investing in the most appropriate product for your skin type.

Using any new skin care product may cause your skin to react to the ingredients. This may result in irritation, redness, dryness or a mild breakout. This should only last for the first 3-5 days; if longer, it is recommended you discontinue use and consult a skin care professional.

Alternatives to Anti-wrinkle Creams

Faster results than those from using anti-wrinkle creams require professional cosmetics procedures such as laser treatments, injections and dermabrasion. The downside is that these treatments can be rather uncomfortable and very costly. Such skin rejuventation treatments are usually done in conjunction with pre and post treatment use of anti-aging facial skin care products. For more information on Skin Rejuvenation Treatments


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