Avotone is clinically proven and formulated to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Avotone is the non-prescription and injection free alternative to help promote firmer, fuller and younger looking skin.


Avotone contains three main ingredients. The key active ingredient in Avotone, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, commonly known as Argireline.

  • Argireline [10%]
  • Advanced collagen builders
  • Natural avocado oil moisturizer


How it Works

The advanced peptides in Avotone help to naturally relax the muscles of the face. Argireline works to reduce the depth of the wrinkles by reducing contraction of the muscles of facial expression. As the muscle relaxes, the skin flattens, reducing the appearance of the wrinkles. It is mostly used around the eyes and the forehead.

Advanced collagen builders and natural avocado oil moisturizers both reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Avocado oils are superbly absorbed by the skin so acts as a perfect carrying agent for the argireline and collagen builders.

Avotone provides a safe effective alternative to Botox injections

Expected Results

While you may see results within hours, it can take 14 to 25 days for the effects to take hold.

Each application of Avotone is temporary, however Avotone can be applied daily, the effect building cumulatively. In comparison, most cosmetic injections fade in three to six months. Avotone may be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

Avotone may be used anywhere on the skin of the face; the most common areas are the lines between the eyebrows, squint lines around the corners of the eyes (crows feet) and the horizontal lines on the forehead.