What is an Anti-Aging Skin Product?

Anti-aging products are those which have specific ingredients known to assist in the prevention or restoration of skin aging. Many products on the market help to nourish or protect the skin from loss of moisture. Whilst these all assist in preventing aging to some degree, the components of the cream or lotion are minimal in terms of specific anti-aging effect.

Typcial examples of anti-aging products for the skin include:

  • eye anti-wrinkle creams
  • facial anti-aging creams
  • anti-aging cosmetics
  • botox
  • highly concentrated anti-aging serums
  • anti aging rejuvination treatments
  • antiaging skin supplements

Throughout this section we will be guiding you as to what to look for to determine the best anti-aging products. We will continue to search out anti aging product reviews and keep up to date on the latest in skin aging research.

Many ingredients in anti-aging or anti-wrinkle creams are natural products found in many foods or other medicinal products. Those artificial components are generally included to aid the stability of the formula, preventing oxidation or discoloring.

Most highly rated antiaging products today, avoid use of any ingredient likely to cause inflammation of the skin or eyes. However, in many cases, the product will advise not to be used in the eye area.

Perfumes have in the past been the main culprit in reactions to skin creams. Most products today use hypo-allergenic fragrance or avoid adding any perfume component at all.

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