Birth to 20 Years



Congenital skin lesions, vascular birthmarks and moles may all be present in newborn babies. Some birthmarks are minor and without medical implications, others are more severe and can cause significant functional and psychological problems.

Fortunately, evolving laser techniques and surgery can provide dramatic, positive results. Anaesthetic creams help to make such skin care treatments substantially less painful than in the past.



Birth skin problems and early onset of acne can be treated with excellent results. Avoiding exposure to prolonged sun without proper protection in childhood significantly reduces the tendency to develop skin cancer later in life.

Accidental cuts and wounds, properly dressed, will facilitate scar-free healing. Any residual scaring can be treated with topical medications and new laser techniques.



80% of the population experience acne at some stage of their lives. Adolescent acne, when severe, can cause major physical and emotional scarring. Early intervention is essential to prevent acne scarring and helps reduce the intensity and amount of treatment needed.

Adolescents are also plagued with the sudden appearance of hair in unwanted places or excess quantities.

During these years, teens are very conscious of their appearance. They are also experimenting with tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Explaining the dangers of these substances on the skin generally has more influence than simple reprimand. This is also the time to encourage teenagers to be vigilant in protecting their skin from the sun. Just one serious sunburn can increase your risk by as much as 50%.