Pentapeptides and Neuropeptide Ingredients



Most new anti-wrinkle treatments and anti-aging creams contain compounds called pentapeptides. These small groups of long chain amino acids function as chemical messengers throughout the body.

Peptides, previously recognised in their role to heal tissue, are now respected in antiaging creams for their ability to encourage cells in the skin to produce more collagen. Where collagen injections are used to replace lost collagen, peptide based products work in the same way over a longer period to assist the skin to produce more collagen. The advantage of this longer process is that it is ongoing, whereas, collagen injections need to be done every 6 months.

Two types of pentapeptids, palmitoyl pentapeptide and acetyl hexapeptide [argireline] simulate the simultaneous effect of both a collagen shot and a Botox injection.

Botox works by destroying a protein involved in the release of a neurotransmitter that would otherwise keep a muscle tense, allowing a wrinkle to form. By stopping the tensing motion and relaxing the muscle, the wrinkle seems to disappear.

Argireline complex blocks the action of the protein rather than destroying it as Botox does. Instead, it keeps the protein from connecting to the cell and turning on the muscle contraction.


Neuropeptide Products

Neuropeptide products are different from other effective antiaging skin care treatments. A peptide is simply a small protein which is made up of amino acids. As a powerful neuron communicator, Neuropeptides and peptides mediate inflammation, a major chronic skin condition. Because of their success, they have found their way into antiaging cosmeceuticals.

Well known neuropeptides include:

Copper peptide

Palmitoyl pentapeptide

Palmitoyl pentapeptide – following use of Strivectin-SD by doctors for stretch mark and scar removal


Argiriline [acetyl hexapeptide-3] works similar to Botox; reducing the muscle’s ability to tense and form deep lines of expression. Argireline™ is the most recommended and effective alternative to Botulinum Toxin injections.

Other neuropeptide variants are currently being developed.


VC-PMG (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) has been shown in studies to be a very stable form of vitamin C that is rapidly absorbed through the skin. It helps: 1) lighten blemished skin, 2) form collagen, 3) retard formation of melanin and is 4) free radical scavenger for oxygen. It also has a lightening effect on blemished skin.


Upon application to the skin, antioxidants in liposome membranes replenish depleted antioxidants and protect the skin from gradual damage that leads to the appearance of aging.


Hydroxyprofisiland-C is a double collagen booster. It is one of the newest ingredients to be introduced into the United States from France. This amazing ingredient helps to regenerate elastin to give back to the skin some elasticity and thus to suppress, diminish or to prevent wrinkles, and to prevent the signs of aging.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring compound nutrient, and is beneficial to the body both internally and externally. Sulphur is an important element in the formation and good health of skin.