Anti-Aging Treatments

Most antiaging treatments of the past concentrated on restoring the unlined, glowing facial complexion. As other parts of the body are easy to disguise, the face is constantly exposed to scrutiny, and as such is often the first antiaging measure adopted.

Recent advances in antiaging creams have significantly broadened the availability of facial antiaging at affordable costs. However, where the effects of damaging sun or other harsh environments have taken their toll, a number of specialist treatments are available, many at conveniently located spas, clinics and day surgeries.


Changes in the Skin

Specialists now believe that most of the changes that we see in our skin as we grow older are due to the sun [photodamage]. Excessive sunbathing, or use of sunbeds can accelerate this process.

Changes that occur include a loss of elasticity; wrinkles can start to develop and become deeper; unevenness in skin tone and texture with some areas of brown pigmentation [age spots] and fine red thread veins. An underlying loss of fatty tissue can also cause our skin to become loose and sag resulting in a hollowed appearance around the cheek area, and jowls around the chin and jaw.


Anti-Aging Forehead Treatments

Most seeking treatments for the forehead are looking to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles [rhytids] associated with expression, and that deepen as we age. These include: horizontal forehead lines formed when we raise our eyebrows, vertical frown or scowl lines [glabellar line] between the eyebrows occur when we are concentrating or if we are upset or angry.

As the skin loses its elasticity with age, the eyebrows drop, often causing hooding of the upper eyelid. Surgical treatment is often required to reduce the amount of skin over the eyelids and help to raise the eyebrows.


Anti-Aging Eye Treatments

The first sign of loss of elasticity is often the development of small crow's feet beneath the eyes. Many antiaging creams and lotions can deal with these, deeper lines needing intervention with fillers and botox.

There are many different treatments for the eye area, the choice depends on age, skin type, the depth and extent of wrinkles, and whether there are protruding bags or hollows underneath the eyes.

For mild to moderate depth lines and wrinkles, very effective "non-surgical" options are widely used. Loose skin over the eyes and the large bags under the eyes generally surgical treatment to obtain a significant improvement.


Anti-Aging Cheek Treatments

Cheeks change shape with aging due to the loss of facial fat beneath the surface of the skin and the loss of muscle tone, resulting in a more angular profile and hollowed cheeks. This can be aging than visible wrinkling of the skin. Surgery is required for significant impact, often incorporating fat transfer treatments and cheek implants.


Anti-Aging Nose Treatments

The loss of facial volume can make the nose appear larger. Rhinoplasty is used to reduce and reshape the nose.


Anti-Aging Mouth and Chin Treatments

Lines around the mouth are more prominent in long term smokers, but can affect anyone. Many have problems with bleeding of lipstick into vertical lines around the lips, and the development of deeper lines between the nose and corners of the mouth (nasolabial lines).

Dermal fillers are effective in treating both these areas.

Facial contouring of the chin and increase in the size and shape of lips is also possible, along with procedures to reduce the appearance of jowls or sagging skin around the chin.


Range of Anti-Aging Treatments

The three most popular treatments in past years have been:

  1. Botox
  2. Chemical Peels
  3. Dermabrasion.


Collagen Boosting

Collagen Treatments are specifically designed to boost the skins own collagen production.


Skin Resurfacing

The first line of defence is to boost the surface of the skin by exfoliating dead skin, and boosting deeper skin tissue to regenerate.



Wrinkles and expression lines are commonly treated wtih Injectables:



Where the structure of the face needs boosting, Implants are used.


Face Lifts

Face Lifts are the last line of defence to counter the impact of aging on the face.

For full details of facial lift procedures and recovery, consult your local cosmetic surgery association for independent advice.